Descending Loft Technology is our patented four planar putter-face. 1 Face = 4 lofts

The Problem: NOBODY can match the shaft angle from address to impact at any consistent rate. This leads to inconsistent launch angles, which result in poor distance control. 

The Solution: A putter that delivers consistent launch angles regardless of user error. 

With DLT the result is an optimal ball launch which means less hop and spin. DLT comes milled into all of our putters. Each plane descends in loft by 1° thereby neutralizing every golfers’ inability to achieve a consistent shaft angle at impact.

DLT allows the ball to achieve true roll faster, on average, than any other putter on the planet - PERIOD.
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Launch Angle & Distance Control

Every breaking putt starts off straight before slope of the green influences its’ path. How long the ball actually rolls straight before slope causes it to deviate depends on speed. Eight putts of the same speed but different launch angles will result in eight different paths.

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