How long does it take to build a SIK Putter? 

Due to the high demand and custom nature of our putters, the Satin Heads have a 3-4 week build time and the Matte Black Heads have a 4-6 week build time. 

Do you have any putters pre-built? 

No, we build to spec. The heads are pre-milled with either of our two standard sightlines. The hosel configuration and subsequent build is done to your specifications. We make every putter with the same attention we would give to any Touring Professional.

Do you make putters for left-handed players?

We offer the Pro, DW and Flo models for left-handed players and we can use a Post Neck (Double Bend) or a Plumbers Neck for a hosel option.

Here is a link to our Left Handed Options.



If I choose one day shipping will I have my putter the next day? 

No, your putter will ship overnight once the build is complete.

Does SIK Golf cover duties or import fees associated with international shipping?

No, we do not cover any fees associated with international shipping. 



Do the Matte Black Heads come with a Matte Black Shaft as pictured on the website? 

No, the Matte Black Heads are built with a steel chrome shaft. The black shaft is an optional shaft upgrade as noted under the image.

How can I add a black shaft to my order?

Please reach out to info@sikgolf.com to add a black shaft to your order.

What black shaft options do you have?

$20 PVD Steel Shaft Glossy Black Finish (Stepped or Stepless)

$40 KBS CT Tour Black Shaft 

$45 FST Matte Black Stepless Shaft

$250 Stability Tour Shaft

$400 LAGP 135g 

$430 LAGP 180g