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What people are saying about SIK Golf's putters:

“SIK Golf makes the most solid feeling putter I have ever used. You can really feel the compression of the ball, kind of like back in the day with the super soft Balata ball. This putter, for the modern times, really captures that soft feel even though the balls are now built for maximum distance.”

Nick Faldo - PGA TOUR Hall of Fame and 6 Time Major Champion



I've never used an armlock before this purchase, but I loved the idea of DLT and the consistency that it brings. I purchased it with the LA Golf shaft just for the added stiffness. After figuring out my putting stroke, I instantly noticed that with my old putter I tend to fix my wrists which leads to flicking at the ball. This armlock putter took that out of the equation. I can hold every line I putt on, due to the grip and the shaft. And the best part, the descending loft technology makes this thing unbeatable. You can pretty much hit the ball anywhere on the face and get the desired outcome. Mishits still get the same speed, and the little to none shaft deflection keeps thing straight! I will never go back to any other putter ever. SIK golfer for life!!!!
Matthew C. on Apr 20, 2020
Armlock Pro C - Plumber's Neck



I have always been a good putter, however the SIK putter has seemed to take me to another level. Hard to explain or believe it is a coincidence. Ball rolls much truer and my confidence has soared. Have not 3 putted in 3 consecutive rounds!! I hope the golf gods don’t read this review. 
Bob E. on Jul 20, 2020
Standard Length Pro C - Double Bend



If you want to make more putts, why putt with anything else. It gets the ball rolling faster than any other putter. Weight of the putter is a little heavier and helps the putter swing better. Looks of the putter is sharp looking and very important to like what you look at. I have been putting with this putter for over 3 years. Don’t miss out on putting better, get a SIK putter.
Don D. on Apr 07, 2020
Standard Length Jo C - Slant Neck



Was custom fit for the DW model with the double bend shaft. Absolutely the best feeling and most consistent putter I've ever used. I highly recommend SIK putters.
John on Mar 25, 2020
Standard Length DW C - Double Bend



I have used a lot of different putters Tear Drop, Yes, Scotty, Toulon, and Odyssey.  But this SIK DW is by far the best feeling and most consistent putter I have used I believe I have found the one, definitely would recommend you give SIK putters a try.
Nick on May 17, 2020
Standard Length DW C

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