Here’s an important little golf fact; You use your putter for almost half of your shots every round! We all know that over the last two decades, there have been astounding technological advancements that has enabled manufacturers to optimize irons, hybrids and driver launch angles and spin conditions to help golfer’s games. But it really doesn’t seem like there have been similar advancements to the putter. Why is that?

Before we try to answer that question, if you can improve one area of putting to enable you to hole more putts, what would it be? Well tests have shown that PGA Tour players can only return the shaft angle of their putter at address to the exact same position at impact 20% of the time on average. The very best in the world can only consistently deliver that putter to the exact same position 1 out of every 5 putts!

Knowing that, you can imagine an amateur golfer returns the putter to the same position even less often! What is the result of this inconsistency? 

The answer is simple. The ball is going to come off your putter face at launch angles ranging anywhere from 1-8 degrees, depending on the length of your putt. This makes consistent distance control and side spin a complete guessing game. No wonder you’re missing so many putts.

If you’re tired of three putting, not making those clutch par saves or not taking advantage of great iron shots close to the hole, you are going to want to pay very close attention.

A brand new and tour proven technology that actually self-corrects the inherent inconsistencies that are in your and every golfer’s putting stroke ALREADY EXISTS. That's right. And using this new innovation can ensure that you start launching the ball off your putter face at the optimal 1.5-2 degrees of launch on every putt, every round. You can see why golfers who use this technology, have a big advantage. And you don't even need to know or understand the physics involved or exactly how this marvel of putting face design is achieved to know that being able to consistently launch your putts at optimal loft every time, will help you improve your putting by several strokes a round. 

Here’s the secret behind this amazing new putter tech and why it’s so brilliant. It is called Descending Loft Technology (DLT) and it’s not only patented technology, it's used on every SIK Golf Putter we CNC precision mill, right here in the U.S.A. 

It’s also why SIK Golf has become the hottest new putter company on the PGA Tour, already racking up 3 wins in the abbreviated 2020 season. In the Fall, Lanto Griffin won in Houston and then Brendon Todd won back to back in the Bahamas and Mexico and almost won a 3rd time in Sea Island, GA with a remarkable 61 on Saturday. 

The SIK Putter with DLT has also been in Bryson DeChambeau’s bag for all 7 of his worldwide wins and his 4 straight Top 5 finishes. Whether you like the way Bryson approaches the game of golf or not, there is one thing you have to respect about Bryson, he relies on empirical data when he does his research.

If Bryson wasn’t 100% certain that SIK Putters and its DLT face technology wasn’t the best performing putter face in golf, he would gladly take the huge sums of money other companies offer him to play their putter. SIK doesn’t pay Bryson, Lanto, Brendon, or any other Tour players that use a SIK putter. Every one of these pros play it because they trust and know that SIK Putters give them a competitive advantage every time they play. 

Click here to learn more about these beautiful and technologically advanced putters from SIK and just how groundbreaking this patented face technology is for your game! SIK Golf Putters are guaranteed to improve your putting by several strokes a round, or your money back! Click the link to find out how you can hole more putts your first round and every round with a SIK Putter.