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Ordered an armlock FLO with a custom site line and it turned out even better than expected. The technology works! Gives you confidence that it will roll consistently. Top notch quality and looks help also. Appreciate the team going the extra mile with the different site line and for the quick turnaround time. Great communication during the whole process.

Dustin Ziegler




I have never touched any arm lock putter before but I really felt the concept made sense to me. My putting has been atrocious and my 5 foot or closer putting was even worse. Last week I played my course for 3 rounds and had 3 disastrous putting rounds so decided what the he’ll. I need to do something outside the box and went for a SIK pro armlock with the LAGP shaft. I putted on the practice range for 5 minutes just trying to come to terms with how to grip this comfortably. Still not having any real confidence I started my round and by the back nine I could no wait to putt the ball. I felt so comfortable that I could lag or even make every putt. When the round was over I had zero 3 putts and several one putts. I don’t know what will happen going forward. It Alli can say is WOW. I might have just solved my putting issues. By the way, the putter itself is so awesome. I always used to forward press and with the armlock style it’s a significant forward press and the putter just felt so comfortable inside of one round. I just can’t wait to get back out and try this again. Thanks so muck SIK. It truly lives up to the hype.

Bob Mehlin



Prior to the Sik Pro-C putter, I had played a Scotty Newport 2 and an Evnroll ER1.2. This putter out performs both putters hands down. I ordered the putter to my desired specs and first day one the had 5 fewer putts than normal. The putter has unbelievable feel, balance, and rolls the ball effortlessly. Thank you to Amy at Sik golf for helping me with all my questions. The putter is worth every penny. It took roughly a month to receive the putter, but was well worth the wait!



I've never used an armlock before this purchase, but I loved the idea of DLT and the consistency that it brings. I purchased it with the LA Golf shaft just for the added stiffness. After figuring out my putting stroke, I instantly noticed that with my old putter I tend to fix my wrists which leads to flicking at the ball. This armlock putter took that out of the equation. I can hold every line I putt on, due to the grip and the shaft. And the best part, the descending loft technology makes this thing unbeatable. You can pretty much hit the ball anywhere on the face and get the desired outcome. Mishits still get the same speed, and the little to none shaft deflection keeps thing straight! I will never go back to any other putter ever. SIK golfer for life!!!!

Matthew Cox



This review is not on the putter (it is on order). I’m sure it will be incredible. My review is on Sik customer service, Tyler. I had a special request and numerous questions on a build. He was very knowledgeable and incredibly patient. When I knew without a doubt I was going to purchase was when I was on the phone with Tyler. I could hear the phones going crazy and I could tell there were a lot of folks talking around him so there was no doubt they were busy. Instead of cutting my call short so that he could get to the other calls that were coming in, he called me right back on his personal cell phone to free up the business phone but still answer on my questions and offer options. Many companies has lost the art of customer service and what it truly means to customers, this is it the case with SIK and can’t thank them enough for not loosing sight of the customer.



I have used a lot of different putters Tear Drop,Yes,Scotty,Toulon,and Odyssey.But this Sik DW is by far the best feeling and most consistent putter i have used i believe i have found the one definitely would recommend you give Sik putters a try




I have been convinced that the armlock method of putting is the way all people should putt. Put that together with the new Jumbomax armlock putter grip and you have the Flo C armlock putter from Sik. I can tell you it’s the best putter I have ever used. Do not be afraid to spend the money on a putter. This will be your secret weapon. The LA shaft is awesome. The confidence this thing gives you is unmatched in the armlock world. It will be in my bag a long time. Thank you Sik Golf.

Stephen Panoff



Recently switched to the arm lock style of putting and it has made a huge difference. Using the pro model and LA shaft I have seen incredible consistency especially on longer lag pots. Highly recommend anyone struggling with consistency to try this out.




If you want to make more putts, why putt with anything else. It gets the ball rolling faster than any other putter. Weight of the putter is a little heavier and helps the putter swing better. Looks of the putter is sharp looking and very important to like what you look at. I have been putting with this putter for over 3 years. Don’t miss out on putting better, get a SIK putter.



Was custom fit for the DW model with the double bend shaft. Absolutely the best feeling and most consistent putter I've ever used. I highly recommend SIK putters.




Greg Harrison fitted me for this putter a couple of months ago at the SIK Winter Garden, FL location. I’ve been using another arm lock putter for 5 years but have improved significantly with this putter. The LAGP shaft is well worth the upgrade and the Jumbo Max grip is a big improvement from my previous grip. I’m very satisfied with this SIK putter and the fitting was well worth it.



You run hot and cold with the flat stick but never want to believe you are in the wrong putter. I have gone many years trying to convince myself the anser style head was perfect for me. Years of changing my stroke finally got me to a place where I had no idea what was going on anymore. After getting everything else in my bag fit i decided to finally get fit for my putter. This is where my golf life changed. I traveled down to Orange County National and was blown away by the facility and technology ( Quintic ). I didn't like the results of the technology as it told me I had poor launch, spin, face rotation, etc. Fast forward to the end result i ended up in an Armlock Flo C. Yes i said it an Armlock. Never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be able to get used to or even understand how to putt with it. Launch, Spin, Face Rotation all improved hands down! I've been putting with the putter for the last 2 months and have never felt so confident inside of 20 feet. Not 5 feet but 20! I feel like i can give myself a chance from anywhere. I wanted to thank the SIK team for spending more than 2 hours with me making sure i felt comfortable before i left. Thanks again guys!



The SIK armlock set up is about a close to a sure thing as possible. I struggle with the putting yips and having the confidence that my wrist cannot screw up at impact is amazing. The feel of the putter is firm with great feedback. Appreciate all of Marc’s help with the setup, couldn’t have asked for a better result! Looking forward for the snow to melt to get it on the course!



I ordered the Sik DW with Plumbers neck. Love the look and setup of this head shape and the toe hang of the plumbers neck. The head isn't too long or too deep. Its a perfect marriage between a blade and mallet putter. Easy to line up and aim. The build quality is fantastic. The included head cover is very well made and feels premium with a magnetic closure. No Velcro here thankfully! I didn't realize the head weight on the plumbers neck is a whopping 390g. The head is heavy! But after removing the stock grip and carefully trying a few different grip options, I settled on a Supertroke slim mid 2.0 with the extra 50g counter weight. This brings the grip and weight into the 120-130g range. It helped me maintain the overall balance of the putter for improved long putt distance control and short putt confidence. I would have no problem buying another Sik putter and I'm VERY happy with my purchase!



Fantastic Putter. Great milled head. Love the butter contact Still very solid. Alignement is easy. When you read it Well nothing surprising can happen. Sik concept is very interesting since lie is most upright than other brands and it is the absolute condition if you want to have eyes over the ball AND arms extended and relaxed like Bryson Dechambeau. This position gives a sure straight straight stroke without arc witch I was searching to be constant. No more 1 or 2 degrees open a impact. This Putter is a machine. The LAgolf Shaft is expensive but the feeling is beautiful. Very good add on. It’s stiff and heavy but smooth and the swing weight of the putter is fantastic. Super grip with 2 shapes for each arm. Currently 1.4 hcp but not for long with this beast ! Last word : Sik boys are very nice and since I leave in Europe they gave me all the advices for my specs. Great communication and help. You’re treated like a touring Pro. Thanks Tyler and all the team for the good job. ✌🏽😊




I have always been a good putter, however the SIK putter has seemed to take me to another level. Hard to explain or believe it is a coincidence. Ball rolls much truer and my confidence has soared. Have not 3 putted in 3 consecutive rounds!! I hope the golf gods don’t read this review. Thank you Bryson!!



I recently purchased the SIK Pro/C-Series/Slant putter. Everything the company says in the video is true. The feel is great and the roll and distance control were consistent. I would highly recommend you give their putters a try as I don’t think you will be disappointed. They are on to something with this new technology.



The product speaks for itself. I’ve had this putter in play for some time now and it’s by far the best I’ve ever played and I’ve played about every putter you can think of. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the guys who work out on tour and have watched them develop this brand. It’s a great product. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.



Have played many putters over the years, the Sik Pro with Slant Neck has to be one of the purest i’ve ever rolled. Right out of the gate I made 6 birdies. The guys are very accommodating and will customize to your specs. Give them a try!



I’m coming from a family of Scotty Cameron’s. All I can say is that everything is perfect! From the look, the weight/feel and the grip! If you are on the fence, do yourself a favor and do it!



I recently purchased a Pro Armlock with LAGP shaft after speaking with Marc Cerio. He answered questions succinctly and did not sell the LAGP shaft beyond the statement that it was "measurably better" but the cost decision was completely up to me. He recommended specifications based on what I was previously using and when the putter arrived the recommendations were spot on! The fit/finish/quality of the putter are outstanding - the only issue was a delay due to the LAGP shafts being backordered. When I sent an email about the backorder to Marc - his communication was prompt and again - very direct and honest. The wait for the LAGP shaft was indeed worth the wait! My experience with SIK as a company has been outstanding and I look forward to placing an order for my backup putter - which is the ONLY downside to having such a unique putting setup - you can't just go to the store and "buy one" if it gets damaged.



I’ll start by saying I’m retired from the military living in Northern Italy. My wife teaches elementary school at Aviano Air Force Base. I golf 3-4 times a week and my handicap is a solid 8 but recently, early 2019 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It doesn’t affect my full swing but it does affect my putting especially from close in3-5 feet. I’ve been paying attention to the SIK putter ever since I’ve seen Bryson put it in play. I ordered the arm lock 41 inch pro style and I couldn’t be more impressed with it. First time out I shot a 76 with 7 one putts. Today 75 with 8 one putts. Zero 3 putts both days. I’m no longer worried about putting. What a great product and the technology really keeps the ball online. I have a closet of Scotty Cameron putters I have to decide what to do with. Thanks SIK for giving me back the confidence I was missing on the greens!



I have been playing golf for 15 years. Started late in life. I have tried many different makers of putters including Scotty Cameron, Ping, Odyssey, and the latest, I have bought 5 versions of Bettinardi, which were the best of all until I bought the Sik Jo slant neck. A big problem that I have had with all those putters, including expensive ones, is that if I don’t stroke it just right, the putter head vibrates, and of course the putt usually falls short. It’s like hitting a baseball, not hit on the sweet part of the bat, it stings, and goes nowhere. The descending loft technology eliminates that which helps a putt to be more consistent pace wise. Most golf putter teachers say that pace is more important than line. Sik putters really help with pace, so you owe it to yourself to try one. It will change your putting game.



I've been playing golf since I was 3 years old. My putting has always required a lot of practice to be somewhat efficient. Speed on fast putts was always by biggest issue. Sometimes I would use my shoulders and sometimes they would lock up. Not with the ArmLock Pro C series. If I don't rock my shoulders club doesn't move. My line and speed have never been better on all green speeds from all distances. All while playing 3 times a week with minimal practice. I suspect after the big win @Wingedfoot a lot of people will be checking it out. You wont regret it.  PRO | C-Series | ARMLOCK SIGHTLINE: Line on Back Flange LENGTH: 38 LIE ANGLE: 78 LOFT: 7 deg. (Standard) Grip Color: White/Black/Grey HEADCOVER: White



I had been using a make shift armlock putter for the last year and a half. It was a great putter for me but something was missing. After doing research on armlock putters on the market I found SIK golf! SIK golf is unique because they actually fit individuals into armlock putters. I made an appt with Mike Schy here in CA. The fitting was an amazing experience I was fit into the DW with a white LAGOLF shaft. I’ve had the putter now for about a month and my putting has been incredible. I’ve noticed an extreme improvement in my distance control due to the DLT technology. It’s a great feeling when you can’t wait to get to the green and putt. The putter has great ease alignment, feel, and craftsmanship. I shot the lowest round of my life yesterday with a -5 67. This technology is the real deal. Also, shout out to the guys at SIK for having amazing customer service. This putter is never leaving the bag.



This putter is fabulous on fast greens. The LA shaft makes the putter feel like one unit, no feel of twisting, kicking or shaft instability whatsoever. A truly unique feel, extremely soft off the face. This putter will take you from a jackass to a racehorse right away. Do not hesitate to purchase. A solid driver will put you back $600. A real pleasure to stroke this putter.



Sik Golf has been good to me, REALLY good to me. They created my own customized Sik putter that I absolutely LOVE! I ordered a left-handed Pro C-Series Armlock and have been putting lights out now. The quality of this American-built putter is absolutely the best in the business. I highly recommend getting a Sik Golf putter today. What else do you have to lose besides some extra strokes when you play golf? Thank you Sik Golf for improving my game big time!



IF YOU WANT THE BEST ON THE MARKET LOOK NO FURTHER!! These guys @ SIK really do have something special going on here...I have been a scotty guy since I was 14 (34) now...That scotty should be going to the local scrap yard soon...I purchased the Pro C and love it!! Never have used a putter that rolls so good off the face of the club..1st round I played dropped 3 from over 12 ft.. Making this switch will boost your game immediately!!! THIS PUTTER IS NEXT LEVEL..SO TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL AND MAKE THE SWITCH..YOU WON'T REGRET IT..GREAT staff, that will help you along the way in making your decision. Marc,  thanks again! My favorite club in the bag.



Anyone can walk in to a golf shop and buy a putter off the shelf. Will it fix your putting game? Maybe. Or you can go to a proper club fitter and get fit for your own SIK putter. I consider myself a solid putter(it’s the only good thing in my game) and very consistent but still needed some work. I bought this club and it immediately upgraded my game. The fact that it was custom made and fit to my specifications made me feel like a pro. The descending loft technology is a game changer, the weight of the club as well as the set length to my body just feels right. I like to use my putter from off the greens as well and this helps for those occasional miss hits. On the greens. When I look down and see that black line on the top of my putter lined up with the logo on the ball, my confidence goes way up and the putts usually go right to the hole. So at the end of the day... if you want to improve your game and beat your buddies.. BUY THIS CLUB! 100 out of 100.



I've always struggled to putt consistently straight as my backswing would always slightly waiver. The armlock putter feels so secure and stable once you get used to it, now I only worry about distance. Honestly for me it's also just a more comfortable way to putt, standing up and having my left arm straight vs. bent over with elbows tucked in. From my use so far I think the DFT really works as I haven't dribbled the ball since using it. I regular user of the "Texas Wedge" and this thing works great. Would highly recommend this putter to anyone trying to become more consistent and looking to shave some strokes on the course. Specs: Length: 44 Lie Angle: 78 Loft: 7 (for reference I am 6ft 6in)



THE YIPS: The only thing my golf has in common with Snead's is that in my late 60's I found "the yips" were real: an unknown force took over my arms at the last instant, and I twitched! The missed putts looked ridiculous. Laughable, really. And the short misses were just plain frustrating. What's the point of even lining up a putt, if you're going to twitch? With putts like this confidence vanishes. 20" looks like 20'. This must be a common problem: there are lots of youtube videos such as https://youtu.be/W3cAFjbnVzU (cut and paste). With the PRO C-Series Armlock, my yips are gone! Sure, I'll miss...due to a poor line, the wrong speed, or lack of coordination -- but not the yips! Line up a 20" putt carefully, swing smoothly, and the ball is in the hole. Time after time. No reason to be nervous about short putts anymore, and more 5-footers fall too. THE LOFT: the website asks what loft you want...how can you possibly know? With an old-fashioned folding wooden carpenter's ruler, figure out your desired shaft length. Then hold that ruler against your forearm with the same shaft angle you'll hold your putter, have someone snap a picture of you from the front, place an online protractor over the image, and you'll be able read the loft angle you want to specify for the putter head's face. Loft is necessary so the face will be vertical, not tipped forward like the shaft. Good luck!


NOBODY can match the shaft angle from address to impact at any consistent rate. This leads to inconsistent launch angles, which result in poor distance control.


Descending Loft Technology™. DLT delivers consistent launch angles regardless of shaft lean at impact which leads to more consistent and predictable rolls.


All of our putters are made to spec. This means we do not pre-build putters. The putter you choose is built FOR YOU. Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. Due to the current nature of the industry and extremely high order volume please allow up to 3-4 weeks for order fulfillment (4-6 weeks for Matte Black heads). If you are ordering custom sightlines and/or engravings please inquire with us as to those lead times.  We strive to beat that window but please set expectations accordingly. Once fulfilled you will receive shipment tracking information.

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    • - We are the creators of the PATENTED Descending Loft Technology™.  READ MORE
    • - We do not cut corners in production; our putters are 100% CNC milled from 303 Stainless Steel bars. So EVERY putter we make is the same as they use on TOUR.
    • - Our putters are proven winners on the PGA Tour & we do not pay to play. SIK is used on TOUR because DLT helps players SCORE.
    • - We make custom putters and as a result we build to order. That means we start with a raw steel head which is then configured with a raw steel hosel and bead blasted, hand painted, shafted, specs adjusted (loft and lie), and then cut and gripped. 

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