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Descending Loft Technology™ is our patented putter face technology. We have four flat surfaces that are milled into our putter face. Each plane descends in loft by 1° from the top of the face to the bottom of the face. When your shaft is pressed at impact the ball contact will be higher on the face, same is true in reverse. DLT delivers consistent launch angles from putt to putt which lead to more consistent and predictable rolls. 

DLT is milled into the face with a 4° loft change from top to bottom. (See info-graphic below for more detail.)

NOBODY can match the shaft angle from address to impact at any consistent rate. This leads to inconsistent launch angles, which result in poor distance control.

Descending Loft Technology™. DLT delivers consistent launch angles regardless of shaft lean at impact which leads to more consistent and predictable rolls.

Launch Angle and Distance Control

Every breaking putt starts off straight before slope of the green influences its path. How long the ball actually rolls straight before slope causes it to deviate depends on speed. Eight putts of the same speed but different launch angles will result in eight different paths.

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